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National Nutrition Month

At Feet First Foot Care Specialists, each year during March, we celebrate National Nutrition Month, which is a nutrition education and information campaign sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. National Nutrition Month invites everyone to learn about making informed food choices and provides the basics for developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Having a balanced eating pattern is important since no single food or food group provides all the nutrients needed for good health. A healthy lifestyle benefits your mind and body, but did you know it helps your feet too?

One of the most common causes of heel pain is inflammation. The resulting condition, plantar fasciitis, in combination with other inflammatory conditions like arthritis and painful arches, is aggravated by eating certain foods such as:

  • Foods made with white flour like desserts, snacks, and pasta
  • Certain vegetable oils, including corn, soybean, and sunflower oils
  • Foods high in trans-fats and sugar
  • Animal protein sources that are high in saturated fats, such as red meat

Opt for a Healthy Diet to Benefit Foot Health

Celebrate National Nutrition Month throughout the year with these easy additions:

  • Eat a variety of nutritious foods
  • Create tasty foods at home
  • Try different fruits and vegetables depending on what time of year it is
  • Choose ingredients with different textures and colors for a variety

Make Physical Activity Part of Your Day

While exercise may sound intimidating to some people, it doesn’t have to be! Any type and amount of activity are better than none. To “move more and sit less,” it’s helpful to find activities that you find enjoyable. The recommendation for adults is 150 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity each week.

Try these tips to get started:

  • Plan ways to gradually increase your physical activity. It could involve setting reminders to move more throughout the day or scheduling times to be active during the week.
  • Think about the best time for physical activity. Some people prefer to be active in the morning, whereas others dedicate time midday or after school or work.
  • Decide how you want to be active. Walking is convenient for many people. However, others may choose to participate in specific exercise programs.

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