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By Feet First Foot Care Specialists
June 06, 2022
Category: fitness tips

Annually on the first Wednesday in June, at Feet First Foot Care, we run united and celebrate Global Running Day. By submitting your name to the Global Running Day website, you can participate and pledge to participate in a running activity. It doesn’t matter how fast or well you can run. Global Running Day is all about getting your body moving! With summer right around the corner, this is a great time to get your heart pumping.

10 Ways to Celebrate Global Running Day

  1. Start a Summer Goal Bucket List. It can be fun to do by yourself or with others! Write down running goals and places you want to run this summer.
  2. Buy New Socks and Shoes. Maybe not the most exciting activity but treating yourself to the right socks and shoes make a difference in your overall health. If you are ever unsure what the best choice for you is, speak with your podiatrist.
  3. Make a New Running Playlist. Collect your favorite motivational songs or play an audiobook on your next run.
  4. Run With a Friend or Loved One. Having support or someone to talk with can make the time pass! Schedule time with a friend or loved one to check off a summer goal. Alternatively, call a loved one during your beginning walk or stretch.
  5. Join a Virtual 5k Run. Amby Burfoot once said, “As we run, we become.” Join one of the many free virtual runs to celebrate Global Running Day.
  1. Support an Organization. Consider supporting a running-based organization or any other organization that is meaningful to you through donations or volunteer time.
  2. Run With Your Dog. Going on a run with your dog is excellent for your dog’s overall health and your own. Benefits of running with your dog include increased mental sharpness, heart-strengthening, and anxiety and stress release. Plus, your dog is the humblest training partner.
  3. Build a Running Habit That Sticks. Set a specific date and time for your next run to strengthen your running habit. Bonus: Plan a reward for after your run that you can look forward to.
  4. Make Sure to Stretch. Flexibility is important to maintain healthy movement in the joints. Stretching can help prevent injury, increase the range of motion in the joints, and even decrease muscle soreness.
  5. Visit Your Podiatrist. Having a regular checkup with your podiatrist is important in maintaining healthy feet and ankles. At Feet First Foot Care, we provide the best foot and ankle care to Cromwell, Middletown, Portland, Glastonbury, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, Berlin, Newington, Hartford, and the surrounding area. To schedule an appointment at our Cromwell, Connecticut office with our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Adam Mucinskas call (860)-632-5499 or visit our website.





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