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By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
February 14, 2018
Category: foot surgery

Joint Replacement of the metatarsophalangeal or “MTP” joint is used to treat arthritis of the big toe. During this procedure, the big toe joint is removed and substituted with metal or plastic pieces and is done so to reduce pain and to regain full range of motion. Symptoms of arthritis in the big toe are discomfort and a reduction in mobility. It is however important to recognize that those patients who have an infection, blood vessel sickness or any relevant allergies should not undergo this procedure. It may also be risky for patients with diabetes to have this surgery performed on them as well.

When performed, it is done by first making an incision over the first MTP joint and having a portion of the bone removed from the joint. Bone channels are thereafter cleared and implants are placed in the correct position. Lastly, the wound is closed up. If there are any initial bone deformities, they must be addressed during surgery or the implant may fail.  

Recovery post-surgery includes:

  • Gauze bandaging is positioned over the toe and the joint is immobilized.
  • Physical therapy will be used to strengthen the joint.
  • The foot should be elevated to reduce inflammation.
  • A special shoe may be worn after stitches are removed to aid in the healing process.
  • Weight bearing may need to be limited to a small amount of time while healing, although near routine walking will be possible within a few weeks after the surgical procedure is performed on the toe.

Toe joint replacement is an important procedure that can significantly help diminish pain in an arthritic big toe. Please contact us for a consultation to determine if your toe may require this form of treatment. Here at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC, located in Cromwell, CT, podiatrist Adam Mucinskas, D.P.M. can help to eliminate pain from arthritis in your big toe with this procedure. So please make an appointment today by calling our office at (860) 632-5499 and check out our Patient Education library to see how to check your feet and ankles for other signs of complications.








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