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By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
May 19, 2017

Our children come first when it comes to everything in life. No matter what age or size their foot is, we understand the safety of having the right shoe for the right activity.

Here are some educational facts to get you started:

  • Infants that are just starting to walk do not need shoes to assist that wonderful moment when they take their first step. They could use the room to develop and grow their little feet plus it encourages them to use their toes to grab onto the floor.
  • Once a toddler is walking their need for properly fitted shoes becomes important. The shoe should have toe room and space to grow and wide enough for their feet to wiggle.
  • High top shoes are recommended for younger children who can’t seem to keep their shoes on but be aware that they do not offer any advantage in terms of support.

Keep some of these tips in mind when shopping for your children’s shoes:

  • Both feet must be measured (standing up) each time you buy a new pair of shoes since your child’s feet grow continuously.
  • Put your hand inside to feel around for sharp staples or deformities from the manufacturer that could hurt their feet.
  • Let them walk around and even (safely) run a bit in the store to test them out.
  • If it is hard to get them on and you feel as though you are forcing their foot inside the shoe, don’t buy them.
  • Bring a pair of socks that your child wears frequently and let them try the shoes on with that sock to ensure a proper fit.

Here are some things to remember before you start your search:

  • Injury is the first consideration when buying your child’s shoes so while they may be adorable, make sure they are safe too.
  • Deformities should be examined by an expert before shopping for any shoe.
  • Check your child’s feet for a growth spurt if they are constantly removing their shoes, it may not just be because they are playing.

At Feet First Foot Care Specialists, we pride ourselves on safety for all patients but the children rely on us completely and need more attention as they grow into their bodies. If your child has not been seen by a podiatrist yet, call us at 860-632-5499 in Cromwell Ct. and make an appointment with Adam Mucinskas to get the ball rolling. Your kid’s feet will be in good hands!





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