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By Feet First Foot Care Specialists
September 21, 2021
Category: fall prevention

Did you know over half of all senior accidental falls happen at home? At Feet First Foot Care Specialists, we recognize Falls Prevention Week every year during September. A fall can have a devasting effect on the life of an older person. Not only are falls the number one cause of non-fatal injuries, but they can also leave a lasting sense of fear that can hinder living a more full and active life. We offer the following tips for helping to make homes safer for our senior Middlesex County patients and the people who love them. Ask a family member or friend to do a walk-through of your home with you and make a note of areas where safety upgrades are needed.

Start at the Front Door

Lowering fall risk begins before you even get inside. Take a look at the steps or walkway that lead up to your house. Are there cracks or broken pieces of pavement that might be a tripping hazard? Is the lighting adequate? Make sure the path into your home is well lit and clear of debris.

Scan the Floors

One of the major causes of falls at home is tripping over things. Trace the path you walk daily in your house, from when you get up until you go to bed. Look for dangers to remove include:

  • Electrical cords stretched across walkways
  • Throw rugs
  • Piles of magazines or clutter
  • Short plant stands
  • Footstools

Secure Stairways

Install a second handrail on all staircases for better balance and stability. You can then hold on to both sides when going up or down. Add more lighting in dim stairwells. If the treads have carpeting, make sure there are no holes or snags to catch your foot on.

Beef Up Bathroom Safety

The bathroom can be a landmine for slip and fall accidents. Install grab bars around the toilet. Add no-slip grip strips to the floor of the shower. If you are unsteady on your feet, consider adding a specialized chair to your shower area. Tub-shower combinations may not be the best choice if lifting your leg is difficult.

Taking care of foot and ankle pain promptly is a critical step in decreasing your chances of falling. Our podiatrist, Dr. Adam Mucinskas, can also help assess your risk of accidental falls and prescribe helpful devices like braces, canes, etc., to increase your stability. Make your appointment at our Cromwell office by calling 860-632-5499 to learn more.





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