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By Adam Mucinskas, DPM
May 09, 2018

As your child grows and changes, so do their needs and often your worries. You worry they’re getting the right foods, that they’re brushing their teeth, and that they’re washing their hands properly. The podiatry experts here at Feet First Foot Care Specialists know that you’ve got your hands full, so we’re here to help with one of your child’s biggest needs that can sometimes be a mystery: their feet.

Your child’s feet grow rapidly, just like the rest of their body. Follow these tips through their life stages to ensure excellent foot health through adulthood:

Infancy (birth to 1 year)

  • Inspect your baby’s feet. If you notice something “off” or abnormal, give us a call. Foot deformities do not simply correct themselves if left untreated.
  • Let your baby stay barefoot. Shoes or booties can restrict stretching of the toes, causing abnormal development
  • Let your baby stretch and kick their feet. These motions help prepare the muscles for standing and walking.

Toddler (1 to 3 years)

  • Keep their feet uncovered indoors. Walking barefoot lets their foot muscles grow and strengthen naturally. When walking outdoors, their feet must be protected from rough surfaces. Lightweight, flexible footwear made of natural materials are best for their rapidly growing feet.
  • Watch how they walk. Odd walking styles like persistent toe-walking should be noted. If your kid is limping or tripping, it might be a sign that something else is going on too. A podiatrist can help examine their gait to determine if treatment or therapy is needed.

Child (4 to 8 years)

  • Get your kid’s feet measured regularly. Every type of shoe fits differently, so make sure you take your child shoe shopping with you. This gives them a chance to try on all the options and promotes healthy foot habits later.
  • Continue good footwear practice. Your child is more active at this age and participating in more activities. If they’re swimming or going in a locker room, make sure they wear flip-flops to avoid any fungal or bacterial infections. If it’s snowy, make sure they have proper winter boots. If they’re starting sports activities, make sure they have all the right footwear.

If you follow these tips, it will help your child towards excellent foot health as they mature. If you ever have any questions about, your child’s feet, give us a call here at Feet First Foot Care Specialists. Dr. Adam Mucinskas can help assess your child’s feet and set you on the right path. To schedule an appointment at our convenient Cromwell, CT office, request one online or call us today at 860-632-5499.






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