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By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
May 26, 2017
Category: toe pain
Tags: turf toe   big toe injury  

Turf toe happens when an outside force is brought onto the big toe causing a sprain in the ligaments around the big toe joint. We understand team sports and realize that sports play hard on your body and cause a variety of injuries to your feet. While the outcome of the game may show a win, injuries like turf toe, set you back in the game by several points and could take you out for the season.

What are the symptoms?

  • Pain and tenderness in the ball of the foot and the big toe area.
  • Limited big toe joint movement.
  • Unable to “push off” using your big toe.
  • Difficulty bearing weight on the ball of the injured foot.
  • Swelling in the big toe and ball of the foot.

What are the causes?

  • Pushing off from your big toe and having your weight shift suddenly to the other foot like many football moves would require.
  • Sudden injury to the big toe mostly seen in soccer and football where the playing field is artificial and is harder than grass.
  • Wearing shoes that do not support the big toe for the specific sport – if the foot bends too far you are at more risk.

What are the treatments?

  • Stay off your feet as much as you can and it just may help it heal on its own.
  • Wrap a compression bandage around the big toe to help with swelling.
  • Use a cold pack with a border from a towel or washcloth and apply to the area several times a day for about 20 minutes each time.
  • Seek professional care.

Turf toe is a simple injury but can become complicated when it comes to the condition of the tendons, ligaments, joint surfaces, nerves and bones in the affected are around the big toe. Although flexible shoes and synthetic surfaces are a big risk for this injury, there are some easy solutions to prevent turf toe from happening.

Big toe injuries can put a damper on your sports season and if you continue to play before your injury is healed it will only cause more delay in getting back to the game. Contact Adam Mucinskas, DPM at Feet First Foot Care, LLC in Cromwell Connecticut for an appointment by calling us at 860-632-5499 today.





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