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By Feet First Foot Care Specialists
February 03, 2020
Category: Foot Care

Have you had enough of winter in Middlesex County? If you’re ready to take a trip to a warmer climate, we at Feet First Foot Care Specialists want to offer some packing tips. Although we’re pretty certain you won’t forget your bathing suit and sunglasses, there may be a few items you haven’t thought of that will make the trip safer and more comfortable for your feet.

Here are our suggestions:

  • A trusted walking shoe. If you picked up a pair of strappy sandals at the end of summer clearance last year, you may be itching to wear them. It’s fine to pack them, but make sure they’re not your only shoes. Travel days especially require comfortable shoes with good arch support, cushioned heel cup, and wide toe box to ensure catching your flight doesn’t end with blisters or an ankle sprain.

  • Flip-flops. Although you’ll never hear us recommending flip-flops as a good choice of footwear, they do have one excellent use: keeping your feet covered around pools, beach bathrooms and other public places where there’s a risk of contracting fungal infections. Any place that’s moist, warm, and has many people with bare feet walking around, is a prime locale for getting athlete’s foot or toenail fungus. If you notice any odd rashes or other symptoms on your feet or nails when you return, make an appointment promptly at our Cromwell office by calling: (860) 632-5499.

  • Moleskin. Even shoes that fit properly can start to rub on your feet if you perspire. You can stop a blister from forming by applying a small piece of moleskin over a spot that starts to feel irritated.

  • Water bottle. Feet are more likely to swell in hot climates, and when they do, shoes begin to feel tight and hurt. Drinking plenty of water will help reduce the risk of uncomfortable edema.

  • Nail clippers and emery board. A rough or jagged nail may not seem like a major problem—until it is snagged on your beach towel and tears.

  • Mini first aid kit. Just in case, have some bandages and antibiotic ointment to treat minor scrapes and cuts on your feet.

  • Footgear. If our podiatrist, Dr. Adam Mucinskas, has prescribed a brace, custom orthotic or another device as part of treatment for a podiatric condition, be sure to bring it with you to avoid foot pain and injury while you’re away.

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