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We at Feet First Foot Care Specialists would like to share some startling statistics with our Middlesex County patients about diabetes. Over 34 million adults in the U.S. currently have diabetes. Even more staggering, the most recent statistics show that 88 million have prediabetes, with 1.5 million new cases of diabetes diagnosed each year. November is American Diabetes Month and a good time to find out how to turn that tide for yourself and your loved ones against this disease that hurts your feet and the rest of your body.

Reducing Risk Factors for Diabetes

When it comes to diabetes, some factors raise your risk that you cannot control, but many that you can. Consider the ones listed below and start making healthier lifestyle choices today.

Smoking—Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your body. It impedes circulation, slows healing, and raises your bad cholesterol and blood pressure, all of which are associated with diabetes. Quitting is hard! Some tips:

  • Focus on all the benefits you’ll get from stopping smoking. Write them down and be as specific as possible (i.e., my clothes and furniture will no longer smell, and I’ll be able to run after my grandchildren without getting out of breath).
  • Set a date to quit.
  • Enlist the help and support of friends and family.
  • Talk to your doctor and choose a program. There is a wide range of options, from cold turkey to using a nicotine patch to hypnosis. Find what works for you.

Overweight—Carrying excess weight increases your chances of getting diabetes and having a heart attack or stroke. Small changes can result in considerable weight loss, and even 10-15 pounds can significantly decrease your risk. Try:

  • Increase the number of healthy foods you eat, such as vegetables, fruits, salads, whole-grain bread, and starches. It will help you feel less hungry and naturally decrease your caloric intake.
  • Strive to be more active. Get a pedometer or step counter and set a minimum goal for each day.
  • Make healthy swaps—just pick one: seltzer for sugary soda, low-fat dairy for full fat, frozen yogurt for ice cream.
  • Stay accountable—weigh yourself at least once a week.

High Blood Pressure—Two out of three people with diabetes also report having high blood pressure. Manage high blood pressure by:

  • Reducing your sodium intake.
  • Limiting alcohol consumption.
  • Learning new ways to manage stress—choose one that’s a physical activity, and it will also help you maintain a healthy weight (another way to reduce blood pressure).

If you are concerned with your risk of developing diabetes, contact our Cromwell office at 860-632-5499  and talk to our podiatrist, Dr. Adam Mucinskas.

By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
November 19, 2019
Category: Diabetic Foot Care

Did you know that over 30 million Americans have diabetes and that, of that number, over 7 million don’t even know it yet? At Feet First Foot Care Specialists, we want our patients to be informed about this disease which can have devastating effects on your feet.

Here are some facts about diabetes and your feet that everyone should know:

FACT: Neuropathy and decreased circulation are two conditions commonly associated with diabetes. They spell havoc for your feet because the neuropathy (or nerve damage) can make it difficult to detect an injury or other condition that’s hurting your foot. Also, poor circulation can slow the healing process. This is why patients with diabetes are more prone to ulcers and wounds that lead to infections and, in the worst-case scenario, amputation.

FACT: Some early signs of diabetes may include: numbness in your toes or feet, changes in the color of your skin, wounds that seem slow to heal, leg pain, calluses or corns that are bleeding and cracks in the skin, especially around the heel.

FACT: Frequent self-examination of your feet can reveal the symptoms of diabetes and other foot problems in their earliest stages. If you suspect any problems, it’s important that you contact our Cromwell office for an appointment with our podiatrist Dr. Adam Mucinskas to have your symptoms checked out.

FACT: If you are diagnosed with diabetes, the podiatrist will become a member of your care team and work to help keep your feet healthy and prevent serious diabetic complications.

FACT: There are many ways to help keep diabetes under control and live a normal and active life. Some of these include:

  • Losing weight if you are obese or maintaining a healthy weight
  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating a nutritious diet
  • Quitting smoking

If you believe you are experiencing any possible diabetes symptoms or have questions about your level of risk for developing this disease, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling (860) 632-5499.




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