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By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
January 23, 2019
Category: orthotics

Your foot is entirely unique to you, so solutions for any pain you’re experiencing should be unique too. That is why here at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC, we offer orthotics that are custom-designed for only your feet. Orthotic devices comfort and support your feet and can help to alleviate a myriad of common foot issues.

Why should I choose orthotics?

Orthotics are custom-made to fit only your foot. They are designed to alleviate your diagnosed condition. That’s what makes them different from shoe inserts you could buy at a drug store. Those inserts might provide temporary relief, but they can’t cure chronic foot issues or biomechanical foot problems. Custom orthotics are also more durable than over-the-counter inserts because they’re made of top-quality materials. They should last years with proper care! Orthotics should be kept in good shape by regularly washing them with lukewarm water and mild soap. Always dry them thoroughly afterward.

What can orthotics help with?

Dr. Adam Mucinskas routinely prescribes orthotics to help patients with foot pain, including those with:

How do they custom-make orthotics?

The first step to addressing foot pain is to visit a foot specialist. The foot doctor will examine your feet, ask you your history, check your gait – the way you walk – and could possibly take x-rays or complete additional diagnostic techniques. Once your podiatrist has found the root of your foot issue, they might recommend orthotic devices. Using innovative technology, your foot is then scanned to get a computerized foot analysis. The analysis ensures that the orthotic device fits your foot and gait perfectly and will address your unique foot condition. Sometimes a mold from a plaster cast will be made to ensure a perfect fit.

Have you been suffering from foot or ankle pain? It might be time to give us a call. Our podiatrist here at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC, Dr. Adam Mucinskas, can help to diagnose and treat any foot or ankle issue you might be experiencing. Our conveniently-located office serves the Cromwell, Connecticut area. Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment at (860) 632-5499.

By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
October 04, 2017
Category: Diabetic Foot Care

Our podiatrist, Adam Mucinskas, D.P.M., has many years of experience with foot ulcers at the Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC, located in Cromwell, CT. Please call our offices at (860) 632-5499 or visit the Patient Education section of our website to find out more about this condition.

Foot ulcers are linked to those who have diabetes. Yet they can also occur in anyone and present themselves as patches of broken-down skin on the feet. Patients with diabetes are prone to this condition because their blood sugar gets too high or swings from one extreme to the other and the normal healing process is hindered due to nerve damage. This is due to high blood glucose levels making it more difficult for the body to fight off infections caused by ulcers in the foot. This can get dangerous since the nerves that would normally send a pain signal from the feet to the brain can get damaged and result in not knowing that an ulcer is growing worse. Diabetic foot ulcers can develop from cuts, wounds or bruises. In addition to nerve damage, another cause of reduced healing stems from arteries that have been blocked, thus preventing the pain signals from a foot ulcer from stimulating a response.

Patients with diabetes who smoke, don’t get enough exercise or have high blood pressure can be at an increased risk of developing foot ulcers. It’s very important for those with diabetes to treat foot ulcers at the very early stages since they can lead to amputation. They should avoid walking on an advanced ulcer to prevent the infection from being pressed deeper into their feet. A brace or cast can help to protect feet in these situations.

It is also important to follow recovery suggestions as scars underneath the healing ulcer can still simply break down. It is therefore recommended that those recovering from a foot ulcer wear special shoes to protect the wound area. Please contact our office today to make sure that your foot ulcer is taken care of before it becomes a source of severe pain or a dangerous infection.





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