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By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
September 07, 2017
Tags: sprained ankles  

Sprained ankles directly affect the ligament that connects the bones to the joint in your foot. As you can imagine, this type of injury can be painful. Our podiatrist, Adam Mucinskas, D.P.M., can treat this condition and help to alleviate your pain. You should contact us right away if you believe you’ve suffered a sprained ankle.


Ankles are joints where the tibia, fibula and talus connect. Ankles sit on top of the heel bone. They are very important to the overall mobility of the foot since they allow the foot to turn at a moment’s notice. Moreover, tendons connect muscles and move the ankle joint. Ligaments are tough structures that surround joints. When any of these three are damaged, the ankle suffers and a sprain may result. 


When sprains happen, the ankle joint is suddenly compelled to move outside its typical range of movement. This can happen from an abnormal step or a sudden twist by the foot. Ankle sprains that involve injuries to the ligament incur damage when they are over-stretched. When an ankle ligament is damaged due to stretching or tearing, it can swell and bruise, causing severe pain. 


The majority of sprains should heal after a few weeks; however severe sprains may take much longer. The severity depends on the level of the stretch. Tears will generally require an extended recovery time due to the nature of injury.


To prevent ankle sprains, you should perform exercises that strengthen your ankle and the surrounding muscles around it since they stabilize the ankle and help with balance. Stability and balance will help to prevent ankle sprains from occurring at the most vulnerable parts of the ankle. If an injury does occur, the general treatments to be utilized first are plenty of rest, use of ice, compression and raising the ankle. Furthermore, use of heat, strenuous exercise or massages should be avoided during recovery. 


Call our offices for an appointment at (860) 632-5499 at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC, located in Cromwell, CT. We will ensure that your ankle stays in top shape throughout the recovery process.





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