While cosmetic issues may often be the main focus when it comes to toenail fungus, there are plenty of other reasons you’ll want to stop the fungus in its tracks before it gets worse. If you develop a toenail fungus, ignoring the signs and symptoms of this condition may result in complications that go far beyond the surface, making you wish you had taken care of it earlier!

The team at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC is well aware of the different ways in which toenail fungus can manifest and spread, so we’re here to shed light on three potential complications that can arise from neglecting this unwelcome ailment.

Spread of Infection to Other Toenails

Untreated toenail fungus allows the infection to persist and potentially spread to other areas. Since fungal infections thrive in warm, moist environments, the toes are an ideal breeding ground. Addressing toenail fungus promptly helps prevent its spread, preserving the overall health of your toenails and other spots the fungus may want to attach to.

Skin Infections and Ulcers

Toenail fungus can also compromise the integrity and strength of the nail and surrounding skin, even separating the nail from the nail bed, creating an entry point for bacteria. Bacteria will welcome any chance to enter through these openings, and you may find yourself with additional bacterial infections that can lead to redness, swelling, and even the formation of painful ulcers.

Chronic Discomfort and Altered Gait

Persistent toenail fungus can cause the affected nails to become thick, brittle, and discolored. This altered nail structure may lead to chronic discomfort, making walking and wearing shoes painful. Addressing toenail fungus not only alleviates physical discomfort but also supports overall well-being.

Don’t let too much time pass before addressing toenail fungus! Even ailments that start out mild can lead to more serious complications if not addressed. If you’re concerned about toenail fungus or any other foot issues you’re experiencing, Dr. Adam Mucinskas and the team at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC are the optimal choice for treatment and advice. Call our office at 860-632-5499 or click here to schedule your appointment today!

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