At Feet First Foot Care, every year on the first Wednesday in April, we celebrate National Walking Day. The American Heart Association sponsors this day to remind everyone of the health benefits of taking a walk. Getting outside is an important element in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With warmer weather approaching, we want to encourage all our Middlesex County patients to “step into spring.” There are no running or special skills required. Walking for just thirty minutes a day will improve your overall well-being. Below you will find ways you and your loved ones can celebrate National Walking Day throughout the spring and summer.

Make Thirty Minutes Enjoyable

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Take a friend to pass the time
  • Get the right shoes
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Phone a loved one
  • Try and name all the sounds you hear

Other Ways to Walk More

  • Skip the elevator and opt for the stairs
  • Walk at lunchtime
  • Park further away. This gives you more time to walk!
  • Create active family time. Get everyone together for a walk after dinner.
  • Do your errands on foot (if possible)

Maintaining A Routine

Try to take thirty minutes out of your day to go for a walk. Go to a park near you or walk around your neighborhood. Bring your canine pal with you. They will enjoy the warm weather, and it is beneficial for their health as well! Alternatively, wear your sneakers to work and take a walk during your break. Purchasing a pedometer can be helpful to some people (you can see how many steps you can get—then aim to increase your daily average by 500 steps a day until you reach 10,000 steps a day!)

Get A Checkup

Regular exercise has many benefits to your feet and the rest of your body. Podiatrist Dr. Adam Mucinskas will give your feet and ankles a thorough examination and look for any developing problems. If you have a chronic foot problem, he will decide if you need to update your treatment plan. To schedule an appointment at our Cromwell, CT office please call (860)-632-5499 or visit our website for more information. 

Questions or Comments?

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