Foot Ulcers are nasty and painful. They appear as openings in the skin of the foot and uncover what’s beneath. Ischemic ulcers are severe, develop from a lack of blood flow and take a long period of time to heal due to a reduction in blood flow. Neuropathic ulcers, however, cause a loss of foot sensation. Diabetes is a major contributor to this condition since it causes numbness in feet. This can make it difficult to detect any abrasions or cuts in the skin simply because they cannot be felt. When these wounds are not noticed, they can result in ulcers. Moreover, these ulcers may not be noticed by patients with diabetes until they become severe and require more comprehensive forms of treatment.

Treatment for foot ulcers involves:

  • Utilizing foot support devices such as a special boot that can help to drastically relieve pressure around an ulcer.
  • Using special creams or dressings around the ulcer location to prevent infections from developing.
  • Increasing exercise or any other forms of physical therapy to increase blood flow to the ulcer site, as doing so can reduce healing time.
  • Managing blood sugar levels at the levels recommended by a medical professional to prevent the onset of diabetes.
  • Closely studying feet for any wounds.
  • Washing feet daily to prevent any microbes from entering open wounds.
  • Keeping feet dry.
  • Using moisturizing creams.
  • When the above methods are not successful in removing the ulcer, surgical procedures may be required to remove any infected skin from the ulcer.

Ulcers are a nasty surprise and should be treated with urgency. Please contact us if you have this condition or have diabetes and susceptible to acquiring it. Here at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC located in Cromwell, CT, podiatrist Adam Mucinskas, D.P.M. will do his best to ensure that your feet don’t fall victim to ulcers. Please make an appointment today by calling our office at (860) 632-5499. Our Patient Education library is a great way to learn more about this and many other conditions!

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