Flat feet can be a common yet unfortunate condition. Proper support for your feet can make a lasting difference because without it, your knees and ankles can suffer due to a chain effect. There are arches on the insoles of your feet that normally develop due to a tightness in the tendons that hold the foot together. Flat feet occur when these tendons do not develop at all. Our podiatrist, Adam Mucinskas, D.P.M., can treat this condition if you happen to be experiencing it. You can visit Dr. Mucinskas at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC, located in Cromwell, CT.     

When flat feet occur, the tendons as mentioned above, do not develop correctly and the foot is left without a proper arch. The foot therefore presses against the floor in a flat manner, without any tendon support. In some other adults, the tendons that once properly formed can loosen later in life, causing flat feet. Flat feet can make walking or running extremely painful because people with this circumstance tend to roll their ankle inwards right after the heel touches the surface. Abnormal angles in joints thus occur. As you can see, flat feet make routine tasks more difficult than they have to be.

Treatment for flat feet can include the use of arch support orthotics, special shoes that provide extra arch support or physical therapy to help correct the incorrect walk caused by flat feet. Our use of state of the art technology allows us to provide your feet with a custom solution that will act to minimize pain caused by flat feet. By using our services, you will help to minimize pain brought about by an unequal stride. However, arch supports may require investing in new shoes since you may require the extra space to accompany them.

For those experiencing flat feet, contact us online to make an appointment as soon as possible. Take the opportunity to get the very best treatment offered by Dr. Mucinskas today and your pain will fall flat!

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