Patients with diabetes are often at a higher risk for foot complications due to loss of feeling from nerve damage. When someone with diabetes gets a cut or blister on their foot, an ulcer can form which can often lead to infection. If that foot infection is left untreated, amputation might be the next step. Amputation is actually the number one reason for hospitalization for people with diabetes – even more common than high blood glucose episodes and circulatory ailments.

Proper foot care is key to avoiding amputation for patients with diabetes. Here are some great ways to reduce your risk:

Inspect your feet daily. Incorporate a daily foot check into your routine. Check for cuts, punctures, or bruises – especially on the soles of your feet. Don’t forget between your toes!

Wear the right stuff. Make sure your shoes fit right. Prescription shoes and orthotics are often made for patients with diabetes. Always keep your socks clean and dry. If you’re able to, switch to a fresh pair in the middle of the day. Never walk around barefoot.

Trim your nails right. Cut your toenails straight across to avoid painful, troublesome ingrown toenails.

Eat right. Follow your doctor’s prescribed regimen to keep your blood glucose low.

Quit smoking. Smoking reduces your blood circulation. This can make any nerve issues you already have even worse. Your doctor can give you great tips for quitting.

Regular podiatry appointments are a great proactive way to reduce diabetic foot complications. At Feet First Foot Care Specialists, Dr. Adam Mucinskas can help treat wounds or ulcers, recommend proper footwear, assess nerve damage, or discuss more tips to reduce the risk of amputation. If you’re a patient with diabetes looking for a professional friendly foot doctor, give us a call today to schedule an appointment at our conveniently located office in Cromwell, Connecticut.

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