Cysts are a bulging sac-like bump that fills with liquid and can be caused by infection, trauma, inflammation or clogged oil glands.

Types of cysts:

Ganglion Cysts are a benign growth attached to a tendon or tissue that surrounds the joint of the foot. They can make your feet burn and irritate your skin.

Mucoid Cysts are basically a ganglion cyst that grows on the fold of the toe. They are most common in older adults between the ages of 40 – 70.

Inclusion Cysts are lumps that form underneath the skin in the wake of a mild injury like a cut or a scratch and remain small.

Plantar fibroma cysts are hard knots that are found deep within the skin on the arch of the foot. They are non-cancerous, small cysts on the top of the foot or over a tendon. They start off soft but can become harder over time.

  • The size of a cyst can fluctuate and get larger when you use that joint more and more. They are generally painless but if pressed on a nerve pain can certainly develop. 
  • Treatment is best done in the podiatrist’s office. If you have heard of the “bible therapy” method which involves a heavy book and using it to smash the cyst, don’t bother as it will create complications! The only home remedy that we suggest is to use heat to try and reduce the size but that is temporary.
  • The best way to prevent a cyst is to wear well fitted comfortable shoes and try to protect yourself from foot injuries. However, if you develop a cyst it can be treated by extracting the fluid from inside the cyst and draining it until it can heal.

Cysts are easy to treat and more times than not can be removed with a simple injection. If you are looking for solutions to rid yourself of foot cysts you can seek help from Adam Mucinskas, DPM in our Cromwell Ct. Call us at 860-632-5499 for an appointment today. With Feet First Foot Care your feet are in good hands.


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