Diabetes can be difficult, especially when it comes to your feet. High blood sugar wreaks havoc on nerves and circulation, making tiny wounds a potential gateway to worse problems.

However, Feet First Foot Care Specialists is here to assist! With proper guidance and the right team on your side, you can overcome any podiatric obstacle. 

Here are 9 ways to get started:

1. Early Detection is Key: Daily foot checks are your first line of defense. Inspect every inch, looking for blisters, redness, cracks, or even subtle changes in skin texture. Remember, even a pinprick can become a problem without early intervention.

2. Trust the Professionals: A podiatrist is your best bet to avoid the worst complications of this chronic disease. They will assess your wounds, manage underlying conditions, and guide your treatment, drastically reducing the likelihood of amputation or worse.

3. Cleanliness Matters: Keeping wounds clean is essential. Follow your podiatrist's instructions for gentle washing, debridement (removal of dead tissue), and proper dressing. Antibiotic ointments might be helpful, but you should be sure to use them only as directed.

4. Offload Pressure: Callouses on your feet are just another sore spot. Offloading devices like casts, braces, or special shoes take the pressure off wounds, promoting healing and preventing damage.

5. Control Sugar: Unruly blood sugar levels are the root of the problem. Manage your diabetes diligently with medication, diet, and regular exercise.

6. Don't Go Barefoot: Stepping on a rogue Lego in the dark is enough to lead to an unhealed, dangerous wound. Protect your feet with shoes that fit well, and avoid going barefoot, even indoors.

7. Hydration is Health: Proper hydration keeps tissues solid and resilient. Drink plenty of water and consult your podiatrist about managing any foot dryness that could compromise healing.

8. Listen to Your Body: If you experience any new or worsening pain, redness, swelling, or fever, call your podiatrist. Don't let a minor issue get bigger.

9. Prevention is the Best Defense: Regularly scheduled podiatry checkups make a difference. Early detection and proactive foot care prevent wounds from forming.

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