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By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
December 18, 2018
Category: Foot Care

We are all incredibly busy people – especially now around the holidays! Our busy schedules often see us shirking other routine things, or pushing them further to the bottom of our to-do list. One incredibly important item that should stay constant on that list is foot care! During the holidays, feet can often feel neglected! Considering how important and complex your feet are, however, it’s incredibly important to keep them happy and healthy! Through the holiday season and any time of the year, a great idea is to get in the habit of performing regular foot self-examinations.

What is the best method of examining my feet?

Whenever it fits in your routine, use your eyes and hands to check over and feel all the surfaces of your feet and ankles. Make sure you check between each toe and under the heel. If you need help checking a certain area of your feet, grab a hand mirror, or ask a friend or family member.

What should I be looking for?

  • Redness. Color change, especially redness, could be a sign of decreased circulation, an infection, a rash, or too much pressure in an area from your footwear.
  • Toenail issues. Your nails are prone to fungal infections, and if they’re not properly cut, you could suffer from a painful ingrown toenail.
  • Swelling. If you notice swelling out of the blue, or if swelling has increased in an area since previous checks, or if it is only one foot, those are causes for alarm.
  • Blisters. Friction or pressure from ill-fitting shoes can often cause blisters. These can lead to painful ulcers or dangerous infections, especially if you are a patient with diabetes.
  • Cuts, scratches, bleeding, or abrasions. Breaks in the skin can quickly lead to infections. If you notice a cut that is not healing, it could be a sign of a something bigger going on internally.

Everyone can benefit from foot self-exams! For people with poor circulation, neuropathy, diabetes, or compromised systems in any other way, self-examinations should be done frequently and should be coupled with annual visits to the podiatrist.

If you notice any of the aforementioned issues or anything else out of the ordinary during a self-examination, it’s time to give us a call! Our podiatrist Dr. Adam Mucinskas here at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC keeps up to date on all the latest podiatric health issues and utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment techniques. Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment at our conveniently-located office in the Cromwell, Connecticut area: (860) 632-5499.

By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
December 05, 2018
Category: Foot Care
Tags: diabetes   pedicure   athletic footwear  

Since people often neglect their feet around the holidays with all hustle and the bustle, a thoughtful foot-related gift could help offset that neglect! Holiday mugs, coffee shop gift cards, or Hallmark trinkets might not seem sentimental enough for your friends and family, especially if they spend long hours on their feet. Show them you care by giving them a gift that makes their feet feel good!

Creative Gifts to Pamper Feet

We put together these helpful gift ideas for anyone on your “nice” list:

  • A lavish collection of foot lotions and creams. Throw in a foot scrub or loofah for a little extra touch.
  • Pre-packaged deals of bath crystals and foot scrubbers to cleanse while exfoliating.
  • An elevating under-the-desk footrest.
  • Yoga sandals for balance and posture
  • A foot warmer for a little extra warmth on the toes during cold nights.
  • Personal pedicure set for use at home or to bring to a nail salon.
  • An in-shower foot scrubber.
  • A foot massager complete with heat and compression features.
  • A foot care travel kit with nail clippers, emery board, moisturizer, bandaids, blister pads, and antibiotic cream.
  • Compression socks that help with circulation issues.
  • High-quality socks that wick away moisture and keep feet warm. Extra padding is great if your giftee has diabetes.
  • An extra-cushiony kitchen mat that relieves aching feet while cooking.
  • A running shoe arch support that keeps athletic footwear dry and fresh.
  • Heated slippers.
  • If you don’t have time for shopping, anyone would love a pedicure or foot spa gift certificate! Just make sure you check out the place for cleanliness beforehand.

Any of these foot care gifts will continue giving long into the New Year!

We’re here for any holiday foot woes

If you wrecked your feet during the holidays and need some relief, we’re here for you at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC. Our podiatrist Dr. Adam Mucinskas keeps up-to-date on all the latest podiatric health issues and utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment techniques. Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment at our conveniently located office in the Cromwell, Connecticut area: (860) 632-5499.

By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
September 18, 2018
Category: Foot Care

As our bodies grow older, everything changes significantly including our feet! We use our feet a ton throughout our lives. Before turning 80, the average American will have walked over 100,000 miles! That mileage takes a toll on your feet. Here are a few things that happen as your feet age:

Increased discomfort:

Babies’ feet are pudgy and soft with a natural padding of collagen, elastin, and adipose. As we age, though, all of those agents diminish. The loss of cushioning can make long periods of standing or walking pretty painful.

Custom orthotics can help provide some comfort if you’re dealing with foot pain.


This painful, chronic disease causes joint inflammation. Your feet and ankles have more than 30 joints in them, which means that arthritis has a lot of places to strike. It usually comes with morning stiffness and a limited range of motion.

There’s no cure for arthritis, but custom orthotics and medication can ease the discomfort

Bunions and hammertoes:

These foot deformities are caused partially by genetics, but can also be caused when something forces your toes into unnatural positions. Pressure from incorrectly fitting shoes or other sources can shift the bones in your foot and cause painful bunions or hammertoes.

Comfortable shoes will reduce the risk. If the issue is advanced, then surgery might be your best option.


Diabetes can strike at any age, but the risk increases as we grow older. It often comes with diminished blood flow to your extremities, which can make your feet uncomfortably cold and cause cuts to not heal quickly. There are many other issues that come with diabetes, such as Peripheral Arterial Disease which is a restriction of blood vessels.

If you have diabetes, it is imperative that you check in with your podiatrist and regularly check your feet. Any changes in look or feel should be noted and reported to your foot doctor!

The best thing you can for your feet as they age is to keep a great relationship with your podiatrist. Dr. Adam Mucinskas here at Feet First Foot Care Specialists works with feet of all ages! He utilizes the most up-to-date technology for diagnostics and treatments of any foot or ankle issue you might be experiencing. Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment at our conveniently located office in the Cromwell, Connecticut area: (860) 632-5499.

By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
January 03, 2018
Category: Foot Care
Tags: orthotics   arthritis  

Orthotics provide an amazing feeling of recovery, especially when they are custom molded. Our podiatrist, Adam Mucinskas, D.P.M., can provide you with the best fitting orthotics at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC, located in Cromwell, CT, where we can be reached at (860) 632-5499. Our Patient Education library also contains a wealth of information for keeping your feet and ankles in their best possible shape.

Orthotics are designed to relieve pain, ease deformities, enable greater mobility and provide stability. Although they can be bought from stores without a prescription, those that are custom-molded to the specific contours of a patient's feet are most effective. An extensive choice of orthotics is offered for diverse foot complications. Orthotics alleviate pain for those with arthritis, tendonitis and other foot or ankle pain. There are two types of these devices:

  • Accommodative which protect and support foot deformities that cannot be corrected and help by providing cushioning and support.
  • Functional which help to balance the hind foot and the fore foot from mechanical issues and act to control asymmetrical motion.

A large group of the population use these devices to treat an underlying condition or for extra support. In particular, athletes who participate in high intensity activities use sports orthotics for stability or to treat a prior injury. Pregnant women may use them to alleviate pain radiating from their feet. Those with fractures may use these devices to cope with recovery after a cast has been removed. Others may use them to alleviate general pain. Patients with diabetes use orthotics to prevent further injuries. Furthermore, custom orthotics are especially helpful as they are not only made to match the contours of feet, but can be designed to react to the way individuals move. Runners can benefit immensely when examining wear patterns to see how these devices can help.

Due to the many benefits that orthotics can provide, there is a high likelihood of probability that your foot condition can benefit from the use of these devises. Whether you choose to buy them from a pre-cut size or have them custom fitted to your feet, we can provide you with the best option. So, contact us today for your pair!


By Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC
October 11, 2017
Category: Foot Care

Our podiatrist, Adam Mucinskas, D.P.M., has many years of experience with treating arthritic foot and ankle conditions at Feet First Foot Care Specialists, LLC, located in Cromwell, CT. Please call our offices at (860) 632-5499 or visit the Patient Education section of our website to find out more about this condition.

Arthritis results in inflammation of joints and the adjacent tissues. The cartilage, which acts to cushion the joints, is lost and results in bones rubbing directly against each other. This rubbing of the bones causes severe pain and leads to a reduction in mobility and function as well as foot or ankle deformities. There are three types of arthritis: Osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis that occurs in the middle aged and gets worse over time), Rheumatoid Arthritis (where the immune system attacks itself, including joints) and Post-Traumatic Arthritis (develops after a severe injury to the foot or ankle and may progress after years after a severe injury). Symptoms of this condition vary by type, but generally include pain, stiffness, swelling and a reduction in mobility.

Proper arthritic foot and ankle care involves either conservative or surgical methods. Anti-inflammatories are useful to reduce swelling. Medications are utilized to relieve pain and orthotics are helpful. Specially made shoes that have a comfortable fit allow for swollen feet to have more space to move. Other non-invasive treatments include padding, braces, physical therapy and weight loss to help reduce pressure on the injured joints. If the arthritic condition in the foot or ankle does not respond to the non-invasive methods previously discussed, surgical options will likely be needed for a fusion of the joints or joint replacement.

Since arthritic conditions in the feet and ankles can progress over time, they gradually get worse and bring severe pain and loss of mobility as the condition evolves. Don't wait until it’s too late to treat your foot or ankle arthritis - please contact our office today so that we can help to diagnose the extent of your arthritis and decide whether conservative or surgical treatments will be necessary to reduce your pain and increase mobility.





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