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Across Middlesex County, children and teens are gearing up for the fall sports season. At Feet First Foot Care Specialists, we’re happy some things seem to be getting back on track for our and their team sports participation. However, we also want to remind parents and athletes that while there are many benefits to playing sports, there are also potential pitfalls for foot and ankle injuries.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help ensure a safe and injury-free sports season for your youngster’s athletic activities:

  1. Don’t wait for the first practice to get moving. Going directly from the couch to the playing field is an invitation to many common sports injuries, from ankle sprains to Achilles tendonitis. Hopefully, your child has been engaged in physical activities throughout the summer. It’s important to increase their fitness level as the sports season approaches gradually. Encourage your child to become more active and perhaps contact their coach pre-season for some conditioning suggestions to get in shape for their sport.

  2. Buy new athletic shoes. Most likely, your children will have outgrown their sports shoes from last season. If last year’s model still fits, be sure to inspect externally and internally signs of wear, such as worn treads, stretched-out uppers, and tears or holes. It’s best to buy sport-specific athletic shoes designed for the specific movements each sport requires. Get feet properly measured and fitted too.

  3. Get old injuries re-evaluated. Contact our Cromwell office by calling 860-632-5499 for an appointment if your child sustained an injury over the last year. Our podiatrist, Dr. Adam Mucinskas, will want to check on how well your child has recovered from a previous injury and may make recommendations for accommodations this season to prevent re-injury.

  4. Stress proper form and technique. Look for a sports program committed to teaching young athletes the right way to move and execute plays for their sport. It is an important safeguard against injuries.

  5. Stretch it out. Don’t let your child skip this important pre-and post-workout step. It helps improve flexibility and range of motion and helps ensure muscles are functioning smoothly, decreasing injury risk.

  6. Never play through the pain. Don’t subscribe to the old adage, “no pain, no gain.” If your child’s foot or ankle is hurting, promptly get them off the field and to the foot doctor. Don’t risk a worse injury that could sideline them for the remainder of the season or longer.

By Feet First Foot Care Specialists
August 24, 2020
Category: fitness tips

At Feet First Foot Care Specialists, we know the updates on the youth fall sports season are coming fast and furious and changing daily for our Middlesex County patients and their families. Most scenarios are looking at a shortened fall sports season. Whether your child’s team has made a plan or is still on hold, now is the time to start helping your child increase physical activity and begin conditioning at home.

Take it Slow—if your child has spent a large part of the summer playing video games with friends, or on their phone or tablet, the first step is just getting them up and moving more. For younger children, set limits on the amount of screen time available. If engaging in more physically active pursuits doesn’t come naturally for them, you can still subtly increase activity by parking further away from your destinations, asking them to run errands for you, and giving them some chores that require a little heavy breathing.

Check Your Gear—if your child is returning to a sport they’ve already been participating in, now’s a good time to check their equipment to see if they’ve outgrown any of it, or if it’s time to replace items due to wear and tear. The same goes for their shoes. The right shoes for the sport your child plays in can help increase comfort and performance and decrease the chances of a foot or ankle injury.

Call in the Coach—most coaches will be all too happy to advise you and your child on stretching and exercise routines that can be done at home and will help prepare them for the sports season ahead. Help your child make a training schedule and stick to it. Don’t allow them to skimp on the warmup or cool down to protect muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

It’s possible to avoid many sports injuries by being in good physical condition and gradually working your way up to elevated levels of fitness activities. If your child encounters any foot or ankle pain during the pre-season, or you have other concerns about their podiatric health, don’t hesitate to contact our Cromwell office for an appointment by calling: (860) 632-5499 to schedule an appointment with our podiatrist, Dr. Adam Mucinskas for an evaluation.   




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